Skype (from August 23, 2011)

I am mesmerized by your voice.

"Remember when we were together," you say. It was only a few weeks ago, and I want so much to bring back those memories from where they've receded in my brain.

At first I can't, as you talk of kissing me, how your mouth felt on mine, how you kissed my neck. Then as you talk of your arms around me and how tightly you held me it all comes flooding back. How you caressed my breasts. How you touched my belly with the backs of your fingers and drove me wild. I close my eyes and I am there again with you.

And now you talk of how your fingers edged lower into my wetness. I am moaning now, making those purring sounds which you love.

"I am so wet, my love," I say as my fingers reach down. I slip off my panties.

You remind me again of how your fingers moved up and down my labia. Of how wet I always seem to be when I am with you. Of how you put one finger inside me and hear me gasp. I am matching what your voice is saying with my own fingers dipping inside my pussy.

I want to open my eyes and look at you on the screen, but it's so intense. I throw my head back and my eyes close even tighter. You remind me of how you slip another finger inside me and of my increased moaning. Of how my back arches against you, even as you hold me tight.

I know you are caressing your own erection now. I wish I was there to run my tongue all around the head and hear you moan in concert with me.

As you continue to describe what your fingers did to me when we were together, I feel myself slipping closer to the edge. "And now I put a third finger inside you," you say.

And suddenly as I match my own action to your voice, my cunt starts to spasm. The waves arise from some deep place inside me and I cannot believe their power. My fingers and hands, the towel under me, are soaked from so much liquid. I hold my fingers inside and am amazed at how long the waves keep coming.

Finally, as the intensity lessens, I call your name. "I love you, I love you."

I'm finally able to open my eyes to look at the screen. I know that you have had your own release, and my only regret is that I wasn't there to catch it on my tongue.

Then soft sighs and gazing into each others eyes. Giving each other as much as we are able within the limit of this computer screen.