Sandia Tramway (from November 15, 2011)

The Sandia Mountains rise over 10,000 feet to the east of Albuquerque.

His conference had finished that day at noon, so we decided to take the Tramway that runs to Sandia Crest, to photograph the view from the top, walk the trails and eat at the restaurant. A couple of friends joined us for the day, and watched the sunset with us, over a lovely dinner.

Sandia Sandia

After supper we hurried to take the Tramway back down as the lights of the city sparkled below us. It was crowded and as the sun went down the temperatures on the mountain dropped to near freezing. One Tram filled quickly, so we decided our best bet would be to stand in the cold right at the gate, to make sure we got on the next one, which would arrive in about 15 minutes.

We huddled together, staring into each others eyes. The past four days had felt like a honeymoon for us, as we were beginning our new life together. I put my cold hands in his jeans pockets and he put his in my jacket as we stood face to face.

There's something you have to understand about his eyes. He has the most amazingly intense stare that just pulls me in every time. It's sexual, yes, but it's more than that. Sometimes it seems as if he is looking right into the emotional depth of me.

We stood for 15 minutes in the cold, with a crowd of people around us. He kept his eyes on mine the whole time. I broke eye contact a couple of times, but was still highly aroused by the time the next Tram arrived.

He said, 'You better stay right in front of me, or someone might get the wrong idea if I bump into them'. I just giggled, knowing how hard he was and how wet I was.

We made our way into the Tram. He grabbed onto a pole and pushed me up against the door, as 50 people jammed in with us. It was quite crowded and then the operator turned off the interior lights so people could get a better view of the city as we descended.

He pushed his thigh between my legs hard and instantly I was moaning against his quilted vest and pushing my pubic bone onto his leg. I could still feel his eyes looking at me, but could barely see them in the dark. He was hanging on to me with one arm and an upright pole with the other.

So here we are in a cable car, suspended over a mountain, with 50 other people packed all together moving slowly down the mountain in the dark, and we're dry humping each other like teenagers. A big guy on one side of us had his back to us, so we don't think he knew what was going on or cared. There were some women on the other side, who might have been trying to figure out if the older couple in front of them really were doing what they thought they were doing.

I was moaning into his jacket and we kept kissing deeply. In the last 5 minutes or so, I reached down and grabbed his hard-on through his jeans. He grabbed my crotch, which was quite damp. He was trying to make me cry out, as hard as I was trying to stifle. It was sexy and giggly and romantic and hot.

When we finally arrived at the bottom, I was soaked. The lights came on and we got off the Tram and said goodbye to our friends. I said my legs felt like jelly, and he said his just felt stiff. Giggling, we walked away hand-in-hand toward the parking lot.

I could hardly walk as my panties were sticking to my crotch. When we climbed in the Jeep, he asked if I had cum on the way down the mountain. I said no, but I was damned close. I said feel how wet I am, and I unzipped my pants, sitting there in the passenger seat. He reached over and pushed his fingers into my pussy, and I came within seconds. The seats were too far apart to kiss, but his fingers slid in and out of me for a few minutes, as I moaned.

As we had walked back to the rented Jeep, we had passed a cop sitting in his patrol car. We now realized that the cop had seen us get in the Jeep, turn off the lights and then sit there for a good five minutes. Did he suspect what was going on? Did he care? Maybe he was sitting there with his own cock in hand watching our vehicle and imagining. I hope so.