Questions (from July 8, 2011)

It's been a week since we left each other and although I've played with my vibrator a few times I think this evening I'd rather fantasize a bit into the future about what we could do when we are together again.

We could have our own big beautiful bed. We could make sure it had bed posts for tying hands and feet tightly.

We could have strong but soft ropes that would bind me but wouldn't leave marks. (There is something to be said for leaving marks though. I would wear them like a badge of honour.)

And how would you get me into such a position as to be tied down anyway? Would I struggle with you, and slip out of your grasp giggling as you tried to catch my wrist? Would you spank me if I pulled too far away?

Or would your voice and your fingers elicit moans as you stroked my belly and breasts, and reduced me to weakness, so that you could slip a carefully crafted loop over my hand or foot?

Would your eyes trap me as they always do, and would your tongue caress my mouth?

Would you tie both ankles and wrists or would you leave one hand free so I could touch myself while you watched? What could you do to make me touch myself if I said no? Would your fingers play with my clit until I was on the edge time and time again, only to stop and tell me that the only way I could get my first orgasm would be to do it myself? And after you'd watched me cum for you, using my own fingers, would you then tie my wrist and say that that was enough and that you were in charge now?

Would you blindfold me so I wouldn't know what you were going to do next? Or would you leave the blindfold off so I could see your head between my thighs? Would your fingers hold me wide open as I sprayed your face? And then what would you insert in my pussy? Would it be some new toy that you'd acquired or would you prefer to feel me clamping down on your fingers? How many fingers would it take to make me scream? And how many times would you delight in hearing me scream your name?

And then when you thought I might have had enough would you stroke your cock just inches from my face? Would you let me have a little taste or would you tease me? Would I be begging you to please cum all over me or please cum in my mouth? Would your cock finally swell as you came on my breasts but saved a few drops for my lips also? Would you then gently untie me and pull me into your arms and caress me as we fell asleep in our own bed? So many questions. Some day you'll answer them.