December Party (from December 20, 2011)

I don't know which one of us thought about dressing up steampunk first. Probably me, but he was intrigued by the idea and immediately started thinking about what clothes he already had and what accessories he would need. For the past few weekends we had searched through local second-hand and vintage stores to find what could be had. By Saturday we had pulled together an outfit for each of us.

I had met some of the people we would be partying with, but for many this would be the first time they would get to meet me in person. We made a grand entrance and some I'm sure wondered what he was into now, but others immediately grasped the playful meaning of our clothing.

He told me later he thought I was the sexiest women in the room and how could the men NOT be looking at me with red fishnet stockings and biker boots.

I meanwhile had spent the evening watching him and listening to him and wanting to push him against the wall and kiss him hard. We were talking and flirting a bit with one woman who was intrigued by steampunk and by our romantic personal story. When we all went to sit in a circle with the whole group, I sat in a chair in front of him and made a point of reaching behind me to touch his legs often, so she would notice.

Then it was time for goodbyes and we all trudged off to our vehicles. Of course as soon as we got in the mini, we began to talk about who we had been watching, who we wanted to flirt with, etc. I said the best part is now, and hiked my skirt up to my thighs. The red fishnet stockings had already torn earlier in the day, making for easy access to my black lace panties and ultimately my wet pussy. His fingers were cold at first, which was an added turn-on, but quickly warmed as the heat from my cunt began to thaw them.

It's a good thing he's an excellent driver, as we were soon headed down 540, with one of his hands on the wheel and the other in me. I came hard and fast several times as he whispered of how he'd love to see me kissing and fondling the woman we had been talking to most of the evening.

When we got home I was restless. That little bit of fun in the car was definitely NOT enough. As he turned from hanging his coat in the closet, I pulled him to me and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He responded by pushing me up against the wall, pulling off my panties and shoving his fingers into me. His tongue was teasing mine and I was gently biting his lower lip. Every so often we would stop and look deeply into each other's eyes. Yes, this was the kind of passion that we had not shown each other for a week or two. The kind of passion that both of us clearly needed.

As he hit my G-spot with his fingers and I came over and over, the juice started running down my legs. My knees were getting weak, and there was a growing patch of wet carpet beneath us. Finally he stopped playing with my clit and kissed me, as I was having trouble standing up.

I changed into my hanging-around-at-home-clothes, but I was still restless. Yes, I wanted more. Was it the fun of meeting so many new people, or maybe dressing up? All I knew was I wanted more, much more. I went into the living room and hugged him and said I needed more. He pulled me onto his lap and started kissing me "Yes?", he whispered.

I took a deep breath. "I need to be tied." "Is that what you really want?" "Yes, I need to be tied and teased, and held on the edge and then made to cum hard." There, I'd said it. Something I had wanted to say with so many other partners, but I knew they wouldn't get it. And now here was the one who finally understood my deep craving.

We stood up and he took me by the hand into the bedroom. He took off my clothes and I lay on the bed, while he adjusted straps around my wrists. My body was anticipating his touch and was very excited, but suddenly relaxed. I know he knew what to do.

He knelt between my legs and began to lick my pussy. He may have held me on the edge for a minute or two by using only his mouth. But then he slipped fingers inside my cunt and I was immediately cumming as hard as ever. "Yes. Yes, babe. Yes, this is what I need." I screamed it out.

After several orgasms, he stopped and looked at me. Then he reached over to the dresser drawer where we kept our toys. Toys are a new thing for me. I've had a vibrator for years, but different kinds of toys that can be inserted and that shake and shudder, these were new and exciting for me.

He pulled out the vibrating eggs and started to tease me with them. They were cold against my clit. At first he just moved them around my pussy lips and clit, teasing me. Then he turned them on and pushed them in, and I was immediately over the edge and screaming. I heard him laugh out loud as my squirting soaked the bed. That's when he knew I was REALLY cumming.

I don't really know how long he kept me in that state of arousal, but at some point, I knew I had had enough and I think said something. He asked me if I was sure, and I said I think so. He used the vibrating eggs on my clit again, and I laughed and said yes, that's enough.

As he gently undid the straps, all I wanted was to curl up in his arms and fall asleep. It was a truly enjoyable party and post-party evening.