Chair (from July 27, 2011)

I think about your head between my thighs.

More specifically I think about sitting in a large easy chair by a window overlooking the brightly lit city. You've arranged a towel on the chair seat which gives me a hint of what you have in mind.

You stand over me and brush the hair back from my face as you give me a deep kiss. Your knee gently opens my thighs, then you kneel down in front of me and pull my hips to the edge of the seat.

I lean down to kiss you and run my fingers through your hair. Your mouth travels down my neck as you work your way to my breasts. My nipples of course are hard and sensitive. Your lips alternate between them as I start to moan. You sit back as you pinch them and watch my face as I react to the pressure of your fingers. My head rolls back against the chair and I close my eyes. "Yes, babe, harder, yes."

Then as one hand still fondles a nipple, I feel your fingers on my thighs. Your mouth follows and I know that later there will be a trail of bite marks in the soft flesh there. Your tongue and lips are edging closer but you want to tease me tonight, so you stop before you reach my pussy. Your hands massage my legs, pushing one up so it is over the arm of the chair. I'm so open to you. Your fingers are ever so gently parting my labia.

"Tell me. I'm not going to do anything until you tell me what you want." You know how to tease me so well. You feel my hesitation. You know it is hard for me to ask, but you know how I love to be made to do just that.

Your hand is fondling your own erection as you wait for my reply. "Let me know what you want, babe."

As I stare deeply into your eyes, I finally say "I want your mouth on my cunt… and I want you to make me cum."

Then your fingers return to my thighs and your mouth quickly follows. Your tongue traces all the folds as I sit back and feel every tiny sensation. I'm moaning loudly. You take your time, while I enjoy the tension building in my body. When your tongue finally reaches my clit, my legs are trembling. I grab your hair, keeping your face close to my pussy.

"More, please more."

"What else do you want? Tell me what will make you cum hard."

"Your fingers inside me."

And then your tongue is back stroking my clit and your fingers are pushing into me. "Do it, babe, cum hard for me."

I'm soaking you and the towel and my legs, and my fingernails are digging into your back, as I scream your name.

As my tremors lessen, I open my eyes to see you standing over me, hard and aching to cum yourself. I reach down and gather some of the slippery wetness from between my thighs and grab your cock. As I stroke you, you get even harder.

"Cum on me, lover. Cum all over me."

I feel you tensing under my fingers and suddenly you're cumming all over my breasts and belly, as your eyes lock into mine. And then we're kissing and hugging and all sticky and wet, as we laugh at ourselves and how wonderful we make each other feel.