We never lived together years ago, but the attraction was so deep that it stayed in the backs of both our minds for forty years. Thank goodness for the Internet we both say, or we would have never found each other again.

. . .

“Hmm, babe, I’m so close now.”

“Yes, yes,” you breathe into my ear. I know you love it when I tell you I’m cumming. I turn my head slightly and catch your gaze. I see the love in your eyes and my orgasm sweeps over me. I hear your laugh as I cum and soak your fingers.


This is an excerpt from the story Morning by Belle Burroughs Shepherd in Ageless Erotica, a senior sex anthology edited by Joan Price.


Belle Burroughs Shepherd has been writing erotic stories for many years, although she has kept most of them to herself. Belle was born in the US, but lived for many years in Canada, where she raised two daughters and helped to raise her two granddaughters. She recently moved back to the east coast of the US.

When a lover from the past found her, after thirty years of being apart, writing erotica became a way for them to re-explore their sexual attraction. A self-taught web designer, Belle started an anonymous sex blog on Tumblr to further enhance the sexual communication between them.

“I was inspired to write ‘Morning’ during the magical first months of our relationship. Since we moved in together, there has been no lack of inspiration for more stories.”

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