Appreciating 2016

I know, right now, so many people are feeling overwhelmed and talking about how bad 2016 was.  I understand their unhappiness, but personally 2016 was another year to appreciate and live.

I got to travel with Doc on the motorcycle for many miles through Washington State, British Columbia, North Carolina, Virginia.

When we went to BC I got to spend some time (yeah, I know it wasn’t enough) with my daughters and granddaughters and old friends.

I spent time getting to know Doc’s son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter as we traveled through the spectacular scenery of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I listened for hours to Mozart, Gershwin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff  and many others.

I learned to moderate my drinking.  I’ve always been a drinker. Sometime last winter it slipped into undesirable territory as I was drinking 3-4 drinks every evening, picking fights for no reason with Doc, and sometimes even having blackouts. I stopped drinking completely for 6 weeks, which seems to have reset my body. I now usually have one drink and say, okay that’s enough. (Well, except in Cancun…)

I changed my hair colour a few times.

I taught or coached many senior computer classes at a local senior center. I loved seeing the “lightbulb” go on when people my age started to understand how all of this internet stuff works.

I dug in the earth, and planted and pruned and watered our amazing garden. We grew flowers and veggies and vines and trees.

I led a discussion group about sex for seniors.  I’m leading it again this spring. I think there is the start of a core group.  I wonder where it will go?

I worked out at the gym, even though my body hated it at times.

I took care of this house. I vacuumed, laundered, swept and tidied and cooked. I love taking care of us.

I went to a great sex conference and connected with a wonderful tribe.

I drank hundreds of cups of tea, early in the morning, sitting at this computer.

My relationship with Doc has deepened in so many ways. We rode the bike through rain and wind, cold and hot weather. We celebrated five years of living together. We were angry. We were sad. We were happy. We watched the ups and downs of our life together.

We had hours of cuddling. We had sleepy morning sex. We played with toys and each other. We fucked and had intense orgasms. And we stared into each other’s eyes and loved.

We walked around free and naked at Desire. We connected with another part of our tribe.

I don’t know if I have one more day on this planet, or 30 more years. I know that continuing into 2017, I will be a badass sometimes, excited sometimes, tired sometimes, laughing sometimes, in pain sometimes, and very fragile sometimes.  It’s called life. Live it.







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