Sexual Freedom Summit: Saturday, Sunday, Monday

By Saturday morning I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. I had been sleeping and eating well (maybe too many carbs), but I made it to the 9am session with Twanna Hines on Sexual Health Advocacy, where I was a Room Monitor. Good info all around and a suggestion that I might be able to find funding for my senior sexuality classes as I teach STI prevention. (I’ll followup.)

Second up was Eugenics, a subject I knew very little about other than Margaret Sanger’s involvement in NYC 100 years ago. Tracing the history, Erin Basler talked about how this movement to preserve the “purity” of certain races, is still alive today. In fact I was reminded of Erin’s talk when I watched Rachel Maddow’s show of August 19th where she talked about John Tanton and the Center for Immigration Studies. Disturbing…

In the early afternoon I was back at the Registration table for a few hours. I was also able to catch the last half hour of Different Shades of Kink, but my body was having a difficult time staying present, with my assorted aches and pains and brain fog. (See my post from last December about fibromyalgia.)

laura-better-halfAs I headed towards the Restaurant I very luckily ran into Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, and we decided to sit down for a talk over supper. I had been listening to Laura’s podcast Our Better Half since it began in early 2016. I wondered who the heck was this woman who called herself a sexual prude, yet delved into interviews with some of the strangest, kinkiest, and most delightful characters in the human sexuality realm.  We spent 2 1/2 hours comparing our life histories and sharing personal stories. Her podcast is now one of the top items I recommend to my Forever Sexual senior sexuality groups.

Thank you Laura! Can’t wait to meet up with you again!

Sunday was the last day and everyone gathered for brunch and a Round Table discussion. Said goodbye (but stay in touch) to many people, helped out at the Survey table, got Allie Moon to sign my copy of Girl Sex 101, and bought a Sex Geek t-shirt. Then as the Summit closed, all of the volunteers helped with unpacking, repacking, cleaning up, etc.

I went upstairs to write for awhile, then drifted down to the lounge for a drink. Joined folks sitting by the elevators, comparing Summit experiences, swapping email addresses and waiting for shuttles or cabs. Gave Nina another hug and promised to stay in touch with her and Vera around current birthing practices.

Monday I was able to unwind on the train trip home. Thinking about where I want to go with all of this. Continuing to lead discussion groups? Yes. Masters at Widener? Maybe. Online activism? Of course.

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