Transgender Resources

People are very misinformed about Transgender issues. Here’s an ongoing list of resources that will help to educate those folks.

A Comprehensive Guide To The Debunked “Bathroom Predator” Myth

When Trans People Need…

Human Rights Campaign: Explore Transgender

Religious Institute: Transgender

Religious Tolerance: Human Sexuality Topics: Transgender

Unitarian Universalist: Transgender 101

PFLAG: Transgender

Trans 101

GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program

15 Experts Debunk Right-Wing Transgender Bathroom Myth

How to Win the “Trans Bathroom BillL” Argument…

2014-guide to being a trans ally

Trans 102: Bathrooms

What being transgender after 50 looks like


More info about HB2. It’s not just about transgender:
Facts and Myths that McCrory Forgot

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