Local Swinging: Four

We saw a Meet ‘n Greet on SLS which happened every two weeks and finally Doc’s schedule worked so that we could go.

The website said, go to the left-hand side of the bar and ask for a cherry to put in your drink. We did and then tried to discern who in the room was part of the ‘cherries’ group. There were two groups having meals at long tables, but we weren’t sure about the cherries part on either table.

We went and stood at a high table and hoped someone would notice our awkwardness. Another couple came in and sat at a booth behind us. THEY noticed the cherries in our drinks and came over to say hello, but were also new to the group so were looking kind of awkward themselves.

Finally we approached a couple of people at one of the long tables and asked if they were ‘cherry’ people. They were so we spoke with them for a few minutes. They didn’t invite us to sit down. We went back to our perch at the high table.

Started looking around the room to see if we were attracted to anyone. I said maybe one woman with long blond hair at the end of the table looked okay to me, but Doc didn’t see anyone. “Are there any guys here who you would like to eat your pussy?” “No, not really.” I need to be attracted to more than physical. I listen to what comes out of someone’s mouth: they need to be fairly intelligent. Yes I’m picky.

So we had been standing there for 30 minutes and no one had come over to say hello. The group seemed very into each other but not at all welcoming. We are members of a motorcycle group and we always make sure to welcome new members and introduce them to everyone. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Nobody had approached the other new couple either.

After about 45 minutes, a profusely sweating gentleman came over and introduced himself. I told him that I was upset that no one had approached us. He apologized and made some half-hearted excuses. I was not impressed and in my mind couldn’t help but compare this event to Catalyst which had been so welcoming to everyone.

I said that I had been to a sex positive conference two weeks ago in DC. Sweaty guy didn’t know what sex positive was. Sigh.

We left soon after. On the way home Doc and I talked about how/why we had always been so open about our bodies, our sexuality, non-monogamy, etc. We were both brought up in the culture of 1950s and 1960s America. Somehow all the negative crap about sex had slid right past us without sticking.

Will we go back to this event? We’ll probably try it one more time. Maybe we were reading it all wrong, but I’m not particularly hopeful.

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