Eliminating the Post-Con Drop: Write It All Out

Home. Eating the last of my chocolate. Tomorrow back on low-carb again.

I wanted to go to Catalyst Con East to:

  • find out what all the energy was about. Over the last two years or so I had heard so many folks online raving about how good it was.
  • meet up with Joan Price. We had emailed back and forth several times after she chose my story to go in her Ageless Erotica anthology.
  • listen to/meet the folks from Life on the Swingset and Ending the Sexual Dark Age, two podcasts that I had been following for quite awhile.
  • absorb it all and recharge. I’d worked in the women’s health and LGBT communities for years. I was a traditional midwife in Vancover in the 70s and an LGBT activist in the mountains of BC in the 90s. I hadn’t done much in the last few years due to health problems, but now it was time to get involved again.

My plane was delayed on Thursday out of Raleigh. I let my college friend (who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years) know that I was going to be late. Finally got in around 5:30 and she was waiting in the lobby. And when I turned around from checking in, there was the Swingset crew. I said hello, told them I was one of their groupies and sat down to have drinks with Sara.

Friday I was in writing workshops all day with Rachel Kramer Bussel. So much info and great writing exercises. My brain was starting to fill up – erotica, sex topics, what or where was my voice in all of this?

Then it was time for the Shy/Newbie meetup which I was too shy and too new to stay at. Also it was vodka time. Luckily the bar and buffet was open by then. I sat with a couple of people from the writing workshop, but then could feel myself fading, so I went up to my room to put my feet up and just relax for a little while. (One disadvantage to being older and having fibro is I need to recharge frequently throughout the day.) Somewhere along the way I also ran into someone from the Swingset who said there would be a gathering in Cooper’s room that evening and I was welcome to join in.

While waiting at the elevator, I was standing with a couple and glanced down to look at their name tags – JV and Shara! We talked for a bit about our crappy flights the day before (they got in around midnight!) and they urged me to join up with Swingset later.

Went to Swingset HQ around 10pm bearing a gift of vodka. The room slowly began to fill up with all kinds of fascinating people. Cooper as usual had several arguments going on at once, while many of us just rolled our eyes having heard it all before. Talked to so many people that I hoped to run into again over the next few days. By about 11:30 I was done and toddled off to sleep with a big grin on my face.


Saturday’s workshops for me included: Sherri Winston’s Missing Pieces of the Female Anatomy, Chris Donaghue’s Sex Education of the Media, a Swingset podcast taping, the Elder’s Panel, and Ending the Sexual Dark Age’s podcast taping.

I needed alone time and protein so I walked to a restaurant nearby and ate quietly by myself. I was kind of mentally exhausted and overwhelmed by this point. Maybe I WAS getting too old for this?

Came back to find Swingset sitting in the cafe and I pulled up a chair to babble with them for a bit. I had been unsure of going to the Cocktail lounge event, but it seemed like people were dressing up for it, so I went upstairs to change into my red dress and black boots. What else to wear? I’d forgotten to bring a garter belt and stockings and just had boring old black tights. I soon made them less boring by cutting out the crotch…

Talked to so many people at the Cock-Tale party. Seems like lots of 20 and 30 year olds wanted to talk to me about what it was like way back when. (I shall have to write more about the ‘olden days’ in other posts.)

I met up with a group of very drunk youngsters who wanted me to drink with them, but I said I was going to the Swingset/Dark Ages party. They told me the room for that, which I kept forgetting. I remembered the floor but finally had to settle on the mnemonic of my daughter’s age plus one to keep the room in my brain.

One young woman gave me a goodbye kiss with a bit of tongue for good measure. I texted Doc about it and he responded with “Have you gotten flogged yet?”. I love how he supports me!

By this point I had had three drinks and realized I needed to slow down. Back upstairs to put my feet up, have a protein bar and some chocolate. Around ten I headed to the Dark Ages party, again bringing a gift of vodka.

JV had his lovely floggers out on the windowsill, people were snuggling on the bed, and Bunny had just arrived with the Sybian. I stood around watching and slowly sipping another drink, while talking with everyone. There was so much going on. At some point I was admiring a pink flogger that a lovely young woman was holding. I told her I was in my 60s and had played before. The next thing I knew I was bent over at the windowsill and she was gently flogging me.

Now Doc has flogged me, but this was something else: a room full of kinky people, and a lovely young dom who knew what to do. She checked in with me several times while I said ‘More, please’. I also let her know I was a squirter, and immediately towels were placed on the floor around me. Someone also gave me a towel to moan/scream into as I guess I was getting loud.

I was slipping into sub-space and I could hear the room going quiet. Then Karrie asked if she could finger me and when I said yes, she made me cum and gush immediately. I just kept thinking ‘I wish Doc could be here to see this’. Then Karrie stopped and guided me to the bed for a cuddle and a talk. Whew! So good, so amazing.

After awhile Karrie wanted to try the Sybian with her partner and Bunny asked me to stand behind her and gently stroke her as the waves crashed over her. More amazement. So good to give her energy as she had given me.

I sat on the bed with Bunny and she urged me to try the Sybian. I said, keep talking and you’ll convince me. She asked one of the young men if he would like to be my ‘escort’ for a few minutes and he gladly volunteered. After a few adjustments I was settled onto the Sybian. At first it wasn’t hitting me in the right spot so I squirmed until, yes it was exactly right. Then Bunny slowly ‘pumped up the volume’. I held onto Steve as I started to cum. I think OMG would have been appropriate right about then.

I slowly came down from the waves of pleasure and realized I needed to get to my room as it was about 2am. I again fell asleep with a big grin on my face.


Sunday it was hard to get going. I was a bit hungover but mostly I was just feeling overwhelmed by all the info and experiences. I did go to a couple of sessions but realized I need to do self-care more than interact with others at that point. I went out for a walk around the block, drank some tea and ate lots of protein. I played a few computer games, then watched HBO’s Scientology documentary. Sleep came somewhere near the end of that.


Today I was recharged. Breakfast, checked out, sat in the lobby to write, met up with Steve again. Exchanged Twitter handles all around.

Then time for the flight and finally home to Raleigh where it is WARM!

I know I’ve forgotten things, but I had to get this written before it disappears from my brain. Doc won’t be home for a little while yet, and I know he will want every detail while we lie in bed cuddling and fucking. He won’t need any convincing when I tell him we are going to Desire in November.


Thursday, April 2nd

Thinking back now:

  • Yes, I did meet up with Joan Price. I talked to her about starting a senior sex discussion group at my local senior center. Now just have to figure out how to approach the program director.
  • Why the fuck did keep my clothes on while getting flogged? Note for next time: strip the fuck down.

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