Local Swinging: Three

You Know Where is a club in Fayetteville, NC.

Fayetteville is an hour’s drive away. The club made us feel very welcome. They gave us a tour and explained the ground rules.

We sat with a young couple, who were also newbies to the club. Then after a drink or two we walked around a bit to try out the facilities.

We tried the sex swing, but I felt uncomfortable in it. (I learned later at Desire that the straps need to be adjusted properly.) I was intrigued with the Sybian and the gyny table but hesitated to try them. Still, it was great to wander around mostly naked in such a free atmosphere.

We played with each other in one room, leaving the door open, but with the chain across. We had quite a few folks watching as I am pretty vocal. I squirted a lot.

Went out to the front tables, watched the lingerie show, then walked around and watched other people playing. A few hours later we played with each other, but closed the door that time.