Local Swinging: One

One: November 2013

The first time we played. We put our info up on SLS and a few days later had a ‘hello’ from a local couple.

After a bit of background checking and we women talking on the phone, everything seemed to check out and we arranged to meet at a local hotel. They had also invited another couple who they thought we would get along with and we said we were fine with that.

There was a bit of ‘oh, wow, are we really going to do this?’ and then we were walking into the hotel lobby and found the four of them sitting at the bar. We talked about being newbies and what our limits were (soft swap at that point).

Then we went upstairs to the suite they had gotten for the night. It didn’t take long for us to all undress and begin to touch. I found that I got along better with the second couple, as they had a bit of a kink relationship and I naturally fell into it, asking if I was allowed to touch him, play with his cock, etc. Doc showed everyone my ability to squirt. Mild bondage.

At some point, things quickly wound down. and we all parted. We realized that we were very eager to go to full swap which the first couple was not at all interested in.

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